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about us

The Birks is a converted farmhouse located Duddon Valley in the Lake District. In 1985, on Wednesday 5thJune, the Headteacher of The Grove School, Geoff Dickinson, made the decision to purchase The Birks from Forestry Commission.

Eighteen years previously, the PTA had been committing to paying a lease; however, the PTA recognised the vast opportunities that The Birks presented to pupil, teacher and parents. Forestry Commission offered the PTA the chance to buy The Birks for £35,000.

We thank all those who did, do and will help with the wonderful opportunities that are on offer at The Birks.

Since purchasing The Birks, massive improvements have been made to the building. The Birks is in constant need of upkeep and renovation. We are determined to keep The Birks safe for the enjoyment of future generations. To make this possible, practical, financial, professional and of course, moral support, is always needed. The experience that all ages take from The Birks is not something that we will allow to be lost.

Since the creation of the revitalised Birks Committee in 2007, we have continued with maintaining and stabilising the house and surrounding area. Money, time and effort have been used to rectify many safety issues of the house, to comply with modern standards, requirements and expectations.

What does the birks have to offer?

plenty of scenic and incredible walks

There are ample opportunities for the avid walker and explorer. The infamous Hard Knott Pass is a must for anyone with a love of walking. Otherwise, there are walks to and along the river, to The Newfield Inn Pub, the post office, and much more! 

A place to relax

The Birks is a tranquil and beautiful place. There is no pressure or urgency to do or be anywhere. You can enjoy the breathtaking views at spend your days doing as much (or as little!) as you want. 

A fun day out at bowness

Take a trip to Bowness on Lake Windermere. The boat ride over the lake is a wonderful experience and the town itself is buzzing with life. 

take a drive to ambleside

Ambleside is a lovely little town with fabulous shopping opportunities. There is even a crazy golf course!