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One Rainy Day

I went to The Birks with my friend’s family – we went in October and, as you can imagine, the weather was a bit hit and miss!! 

On the nice days, we would take all the dogs for long walks, have BBQs and I would practise my photography. There was one day in particular that was really, really awful weather-wise, and we weren’t really sure what to do with the day. My friend’s nan had the great idea for us to do a little baking. 

She had a fantastic recipe for Welsh Cakes, so off we went making them – we even had a small glass of wine, which turned into a bottle! As we were chatting and singing along to some golden oldies in the kitchen, we didn’t realise just how much mixture we had made… We had enough to make hundreds!! 

There was nothing else to be done, we used up all the mixture and we were all eating Welsh Cakes for the rest of the week!